5 Amazing Shortcuts/Tricks You Aren’t Using!

5 Amazing Shortcuts/Tricks You Aren’t Using!

Have you even seen someone who barely types on the keyboard and starts many tasks at the same time? You’re probably thinking about your geeky cousin right now.

Today I will show you how to be 10 times more productive using some cool shortcuts on your computer.

1- Using many desktops at the same time

Do you open many browser tabs? probably Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, some Excel sheets and some pictures? Do you want to keep everything as is and open a new desktop like you have more than one computer? Well you’re in luck, if you’re using Windows or Mac (latest versions), you will be able to do that. Just press Ctrl+Windows+D on Windows or Ctrl+Up on a Mac computer.

If you opened many desktops, you can switch between them using Ctrl+Windows+Left/Right Arrow Key On Windows, or Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow Key on a Mac computer.

To close a desktop, just use Ctrl+Windows+F4 on Windows, or if you are using a Mac computer, just press the Option key and click on the X sign of the desktop you want to close.

Source: https://www.howtogeek.com/
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