Install WordPress on your local machine in under 5 minutes!

Install WordPress on your local machine in under 5 minutes!

A quick way to install WordPress (or any website) locally is WAMP. While this solution is a little more complicated to implement than web hosting, but it has an undeniable advantage: it will allow you to work on WordPress and any other website, locally and for free. This will help you do staging and testing before deploying your website to the web.

You can download the latest version of WAMP from the official website. You will find on this site the installation process of WAMP and a quality support. ( By the way, they are also using WordPress 😉 )

Official Website of WampServer

WampServer provides a development environment under Windows. It offers all the necessary components (Apache2 server, PHP language and MySQL database) to get a dynamic web application. For example, a WordPress site. With that on your machine, you can create and edit locally 1, 2, 3 or 100+ websites accessible through the WordPress admin panel. Note that WampServer gives access to phpMyAdmin. This makes it easier to manage your databases.

Discover below the process step by step to create a WordPress site locally on a Windows computer.

How to Install Wamp on Your Machine?

  • Check the version of your system on your PC: 32 or 64 bits. To find the info, in the search bar, type system info or open the Windows Settings, then System Info.
  • Download WampServer 32 or 64 bits (I use version 64 for this tutorial)
  • Install Wamp at the root of your PC’s main disk by having administrator access for your Windows profile.

Note 1: Do not install a new version of Wamp if you have a previous version on your machine. You will lose your existing database. More info:,88043;

Note 2: Do not worry about warnings about Visual Studio packages. 95% of PCs already have these packages. More info:,88043;

Wampla! Wamp is now installed :-D.


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