Top 10 online degrees that are related to technology

Top 10 online degrees that are related to technology

Following are the best online degree programmes that are arranged according to their course fees. So here you go, brace yourself!






1. Online degree in Computing Technology and Information Technology

Brandman University


Requirement – Successful completion of high school

This programme is designed for people who are working in entry-level jobs in the IT field who needs to maximize their decision-making skills and experience. It includes computer systems organization quality assurance and professional ethics with a total of 120 credits. This degree will increase your chances of pursuing careers as computer security managers and data managers.

2. Maters in Software Engineering

Harvard University


Requirement- Experienced in mathematics for and experience in C++ or Java programming.

This is one of best online master’s degree related software engineering. This will help you to learn today’s best technologies and programs. This is the best foundation for your future higher education as well as working opportunities. It has 12 components and at the end, you need to finish a thesis or capstone.

3. Online Bachelor of Business Administration: Information Systems and Technology

Old Dominion University Norfolk, Virginia


Requirement- Successful completion of high school

This is a quality online bachelor of Business administration programme with Information systems and technology. This degree will follow contents like software engineering, database management, business policy and strategy, and e-business. This is suitable for the people who hope to work in both business and IT related companies.

4. Online BS in Computer Information Technology

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona


Requirement- Successful completion of high school

This is an affordable online bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Technology with 120 credit hours. This degree will cover topics like IT business operations, enterprise architecture, information security and policy information technology foundations, IT business operations, leadership in IT and software engineering. This is suitable for IT managers and project officers.

5. MSc in Digital Currency

The University of Nicosia in Cyprus


Requirement – Primary degree in computer science, statistics or accounting.

This Master in Digital Currency is offered to entrepreneurs, business managers, online bankers and government workers who need to qualify in digital currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin. It can provide. This master will excel your skills in cryptocurrencies and the way those currencies work and the opportunities to invest.

6. Online Bachelor’s in Computer Information Technology

Western Kentucky University


Requirement- Successful completion of high school

This is an affordable online bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Technology with 120 credit hours. This degree will cover topics web development, systems architecture, database administration, telecommunications and software engineering. This is suitable for database managers and computer programmers.

7. Online Bachelor’s Information Technology

Columbia Southern University


Requirement – high school completion.

This is a low cost but high-quality Online Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with 120 credits. It covers the very basics of it as well as some important topics like cybersecurity, systems analysis, communication and design, and programming concepts. This is a very good degree for freshly passed out high school student who dreams to work in the IT field.

8. Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSE)

California State University


Requirement – First degree in IT or software engineering.

This is an online degree specifically designed for professionals who are working in It field. This will enable you to maximize your skills in software architecture, software designing, management, testing and ethics in software engineering. This course is considered the number one online programme in California.

9. Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme

Oxford University – Via Said Business School


Requirement – Basic English and IT knowledge

This is an online programme that will help you to understand blockchain from basic. This is designed for innovators and business leaders who have an interest in blockchain technology. This programme makes a great foundation if you want a future career in blockchain strategy.

10. Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Google via Coursera

50$ per month (50$ x 8)

Requirement – Basic IT knowledge

This is a very good opportunity to learn online for a very low cost. This is a certificate course which was designed by Google and offered through coursera. This will help anyone with basic it skills. It can be completed within 8 to 12 months and you are presented with a valuable certificate which is eligible for an entry level job in the IT field, banking or insurance.


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