Top 7 Hacks To Get Your Fiverr Gig Ranked in 2019

Top 7 Hacks To Get Your Fiverr Gig Ranked in 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is very common on YouTube on Google. When you’re writing blogs or making videos, you have to understand search engine optimization. This is done by keyword research and Fiverr has a special way of doing so. When you go to Fiverr and use the search bar, and type the service you want to buy, Fiverr actually gives you suggestions of what kinds of services that are available, and that are related to the keyword you have just used.

For example when we search for a logo, you’ll see “logo” and you’ll see “logo design”, “logo business”, “logo minimalist” and so on. These are keywords that you want to actually put in your gig tags, in your gig description, and in your gig title. These suggestions are actually stuff that people are looking for and it’s populating through it, and if you do a similar search in Google you’ll get similar search results.

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